Sunday, June 30, 2013

Brennan and Gonidakis: Akron hometowners well rewarded in budget!

What a terrible coincidence!

 Two of the biggest winners in the state budget signed Sunday by Gov. Kasich are from  Akron:  businessman David Brennan, and  Ohio Right to Life president Michael Gonidakis. 

 Brennan, a longtime major patron  of the Republican Party,  is the pater familias/owner of White Hat Management, Ohio 's largest charter school system.  The budget handsomely favored his schools ($1,400 more for each school choice student in addition to the bountiful amounts - many more millions upon millions from the state at the expense of public schools. Just another day at Brennan's office, I'd say. )

Gonidakis, an aggressive legislative  anti-abortion activist, earlier appointed by Kasich  as a non-medical member of the Ohio Medical Board, parlayed a daily double: defunding of Planned Parenthood and opening the door to one of the nation's strictest  anti-abortion  measures, including the use of ultrasound in birth control exams.  It also prevents Planned Parenthood from sending critical abortion cases  to public hospitals  for emergency  care. "Stupidity," as Albert Camus once wrote in The Plague, "has a knack of getting its way."   The governor obviously decided that well-informed women will cast a meaningless vote in his re-election bid.

Frankly, the Akron area is far more progressive than what these two richly rewarded hometown guys  represent.

* * * * *

And while we're at it.  How odd as the Kasich Sound Track rolled out his boastful  budget signature Sunday: State Republican Chairman Matt Borges arrived on-line with exuberant praise of the governor's action well before it was even reported by the Ohio media. Is he scoop-conscious or what?   As for Kasich, he quickly announced his moment of grace for Ohioans  and departed without answering any questions. Call it the tunnel at the end of Borges' light.

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