Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For Don Rosenberg, the music stopped at PD

It was bad enough when Dale Allen of the Beacon Journal decided the paper would be better off without me on the roster.  But I must tell you that  when it happens to a long-time friend, the news is just as grim.

I'm referring to now-former Plain Dealer music critic Donald Rosenberg who was axed this morning by the paper in its less-is-better assault on veteran staff members and home delivery dates. As a former off-and-on music critic in Columbus and Akron, I will be one of the mourners of the newspaper industry's loss of one of its leading music critics.

For now, I can only say "Good luck,Donald" ...even if I didn't always agree with some of your reviews.  You should have been a sports writer.  Editors believe the Browns sell more papers than Beethoven.

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Pearld said...

We have lost a vital part of our arts scene. Never mind the Orchestra, we have had a rebirth of all the other groups and venues, because by Don covering them, we found them.
We hope he will have other ways we can read what goes on in this great music area from an insightful critic.