Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For Gee, a rainbow at the end of the pot

Talk about golden parachutes!  The word I'm hearing from unofficial sources - OK cynical gossipers - is that the OSU Board of Trustees had no choice but to give Gordon Gee a princely entitlement worth millions (and with his own private secretary!)  on his way out the door in September.

Even in a day of cash-strapped campuses, a trustee was alleged to have expressd his concern that without the Midas package, Gee might have bought the university and cracked jokes about the Icelandic army and a monastery in South Bend to his heart's content.  "You can see," the trustee said, "that if we didn't satisfy his demands, he would have replaced the entire board with his personal accountants  from Bank of America  and appointed his friend, Gov. Kasich, to set up a metrically-correct hedge fund for each of the school's  new football recruits. What could we do?"

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