Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The PD hit list. Anybody you know?

Here is the partial list of the first 42 layoffs at the Plain Dealer sent by a source:  More layoffs to come.  Did the company draw straws?  Note:  Among the victims was Harlan Spector, the guild president. A tipoff of what the owners are trying to accomplish in  its attempt to break the guild .  (Ahem.  It won't work.)   

Source: "48 layoffs from guild expected today. We're at 42. Still many people unaccounted for".

Cynthia C Baecker   clerk
Margaret Bernstein    columnist
Sandi Boyd    clerk
Tom Breckenridge    reporter
Regina Brett   columnist

Reid Brown    artist
Dave Davis    reporter
Stan Donaldson    reporter
Bob Fortuna    reporter
Pat Galbincea    reporter

Mark Gillispie    reporter
Lisa Griffis    layout editor
John Gruner    reporter
John Horton    reporter
Felesia Jackson   graphic artist

David Jardy    library clerk
Adrian Johnson    layout editor
Ellen Jan Kleinerman   reporter
Doug Kramer    copy editor
John Kuehner   city desk editor (night)

John Luttermoser    copy editor
John Mangels    reporter
Erik Maruschak sports clerk
Carl Matzelle    sports clerk
Joe Maxse   sports  reporter

Deborah Miller    copy editor
Mike O'malley   reporter
James W Owens    graphics artist
Mike Peticca    reporter
Bill Piotrowski   layout editor

Racquel Robinson    letters editor
Timothy Rogers    reporter
Don Rosenberg    reporter
Anita Russo    clerk
Tonya Sams    reporter

Michael Scott   reporter
Scott Shaw    photographer
Harlan Spector reporter
Edith Starzyk    reporter
Peggy Turbett   photographer
Eileen Zakareckis    clerk
Brian Zawicki library clerk

UPDATE: Apparently there were some PD staffers on the above list forwarded to me  by a PD source  who opted for a voluntary exit.  
But the number of people out of work doesn't change.    


Anonymous said...

I think Harlan was a voluntary layoff.

Len Shwartz said...

I am sorry to see the newspapers in NE Ohio falling on hard times. My dad, Sol Shwartz, was a longtime guild member and an editor at the ABJ for years (and I believe a friend of a certain dude named Abe}. He passed away in 2002. I don't think he'd believe what is going on now.

Craig Saunders said...

I greatly enjoyed meeting Mike Scott on an IJNR tour a few years back. I cannot see the value in losing someone like him.

Jim Romenesko said...

There are several errors on this list, which are corrected at my website.

Unknown said...

Yep. Every single one. :(

Unknown said...

Yep. Every single one. :(

Blue Rauchmann said...

Sorry to see Peticca go. Seems Branson Wright has somehow dodged another bullet at the PD. Got to wonder who he has pictures of...

Bert Stratton said...

Total "car crash." Couldn't help but stare (at the list).

Bad news, in so many ways.

Thanks for posting. All diehard PD readers want to know this info, and you put it out there. A service.

Anonymous said...

he first poster is correct. Harlan Spector was a volunteer.

Anonymous said...

The Plain Dealer can go to hell. They are wrecking lives here. The greedy monsters who own it appear to be taking a profitable paper and making it unprofitable so they will have an excuse to close it down in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know all of them and worked with most of them. I took a buyout in 2006 and haven't looked back. However, I'm heartbroken for those who lost their jobs as well as those who remain to pick up the pieces.

Grumpy Abe said...

I can only tell them that having found myself in their situation twice, there can be life AFTER newspapers!

Anonymous said...

My condolences to all those on the list. Thank you for the education and entertainment you've provided over the years. I'm a long time Plain Dealer reader and I will be canceling my subscription tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I know a half-dozen of them. One is a good friend. Pretty soon we'll be looking at two metropolitan newspapers resembling glorified weeklies. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Dec 2013 layoffs are coming?