Friday, July 26, 2013

The painful countdown continues at Plain Dealer

Consider this the painfully lost week end for the Plain Dealer staff.  The news people are awaiting deadly verdicts, such as, "Will I have a job a week from now."  Nobody knows as the paper moves closer to Aug. 3, the day when it will be shrunk to three weekday home deliveries plus a "bonus" delivery on Saturday to accompany the Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday  schedule.  Why is it a bonus rather than a four-days-a week schedule?  Beats me.  Those clever consultants think of everything.  PD Guild president Harlan Spector told me at  5 p.m. Thursday, he still had a job.  But he, like all of the others, are in a state suspended animation.  "The company hasn't told us anything," he said.  But we expect it to happen next week."

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Marv Katz said...

Got a letter last week from The Oregonian, also o&o by the Newhouse establishment, also offering a three-day-week subscription with Saturday as a "bonus."

"With our updated digital edition," the letter gushed, "you will be able to read The Oregonian anytime, anywhere."

Yeah, except on newsprint, seven days a week.