Thursday, July 18, 2013

The latest GOP voter spin: From Photo ID to Photo 3D?

With a court test under way to determine whether Pennsylvania's restrictive new voter ID law violates civil liberties, there's word that   Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus, has proposed a remedy to settle things down on the electoral front.  Priebus, which sort of rhymes with genius, is said to be calling for a Photo 3D law that profiles every voter in much greater depth and in color.  Priebus argues that voter fraud has reached such extraordinary numbers that the only way to sustain our  democracy is to examine every facet of the voter's face as closely as possible.   "The stakes are too high to maintain   the system with the haphazard process we now have that gives Democrats  such an unfair  advantage at the polls," Priebus reportedly said.   (He supposedly expressed fear to an RNC associate that the faces of blacks and Latinos can be photo-shopped into albinos to beat the system.)

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