Saturday, July 27, 2013

Note to Speaker Boehner: Steve King's YOUR problem.

 Rep. Steve King, the Iowa  Republican, had no sooner likened the kids of undocumented immigrants to  "drug mules" with bulging calves the size of "cantaloupes," than some of his GOP colleagues shuddered  at his metaphor.  Doesn't the maniacal  Iowan realize that some Republicans are doing their damnedest to convince Latinos that they are all  brothers and sisters of wholesome Americans? Apparently not, which is why Speaker John Boehner, departing briefly from his sky-is-falling rants against President Obama,  promptly described the remarks as "hateful and ignorant".

Worse yet, Rep. Raul Labrador, Idaho Republican, blamed the media for reporting King's comments.  Ah, but there's a problem here.  The last time I looked, Steve King's House roll call vote on any issue counted as much as Boehner's or Labrador's.  I'd say King, who is among those who have jolted the party's derangement still farther to the Right, is the GOP's problem, not the media's, which doesn't have a vote.

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