Friday, October 5, 2012

Welch concedes: No evidence for what he said

Jack Welch, the raspy Republican  businessman-warrior, checked into the presidential campaign  with a sort-of Trumpish snarl that the new positive employment statistics were rigged to help President Obama.  The former GE icon wanted us to know the whole scheme  was what you might expect from these "Chicago guys" who manipulated the figures. (Are there no Republicans who have anything good to say about  Chicago?)

On the same day, however, he later admitted to Chris Matthews that he had no evidence at all that the employment numbers had been cooked.  None.  He was, you know,  just raising a question, he said.

But the more socially significant question is, What is a multi-millionaire corporate titan doing tweeting comments these days like a kid at the shopping mall when all he would have to do is call Fox News or the Wall Street Journal to voice his slander? Is the old  guy just bored, or what?  Or am I just out of touch with my own age group as one who thinks the Windy City is a pretty neat place and has long believed that only birds tweet.  

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JLM said...

It's the Republican way. If the facts don't help your cause...make some up.