Monday, October 22, 2012

Husted: The federal courts are subversive

Thanks to Secretary of State Jon Husted, we've finally gotten to to the bottom of his maddening but  failed plans to restrict voting in Ohio.  It is based in the sort of hollow patriotic fervor that once affected the old House Un-American Activities Committee when we went to bed each night in fear of a Commie hand bursting through the mattress to seize our buttocks.

Like Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel, who with straight face referred to Sen. Sherrod Brown as "un-American",  Husted spread the subversive field to include the several courts that turned down his appeals of an early-voting case filed against him by the Obama Administration.  ThinkProgress reports that Husted appeared at an election law symposium at the University of Toledo to denounce the courts (which included the U.S. Supreme Court)  as 'un-American".  He figured the courts had no business  imposing its ideas on Ohio's ability to run its own elections.  Take that Antonin Scalia!

The Toledo Blade, which first reported the event,  noted that Husted's opinion was "not shared by many who sttended the syposium."

That is a growing truth about many of Husted's opinions these days.  But embarrassing though it may be to reasonable  Ohioans, we're stuck with him at least until 2014.


Mencken said...

How much did Husted's antics cost Ohio's taxpayers?

Grumpy Abe said...

Anybody know? I don't. He would probably file it under the cost of doing Republican business.

Mencken said...

Husted hired outside counsel to further his agenda. As of September 21st, the tab was $85,000 and counting.