Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stars and stripes - but hopefully not forever!

AS you may be aware, I'm not one to complain.  But as a life-long avid Steelers fan, I can only  respond with total horror  over the team's s throwback uniforms against the Redskins on Sunday.   Look for yourself.    When the team poured out of the tunnel  before the game, it looked like a jailbreak. How could  the costume department have so abused a team widely known for its decorum, gentility and  civility on the field? These guys have wives and mothers and children.  ESPN's poll said two-thirds of the respondents agree with me.  So for once, I am in the majority.  Hrrrummpphhh!!!


PJJinOregon said...

Remember Ali's line about butterflies and bees? Looks like the Steelers have the bee part uniformly.

Marv Katz said...

Well, aren't they called "throwback" uniforms? As another Steelers fan, I can hope they'll throw them back where they came from, never to be seen again.