Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mitt's mini-Olympian fanfare for the common man

Mitt Romney, posing as the average commoner,  happily totes a grocery bag to the counter with Sen. Rob Portman at his side  during a campaign stop in Cincinnati.  Another photo-op for the archives to demonstrate Mitt's down-to-earth regular guy-ness. It's sort of self-flagellation with a smile for a guy who will  never have to suffer the awkward ordeal again after the election.

Still, the reports of his post-Richard Mourdock moments were less aglow.  He dodged all questions from the media  about how a man of his keen concern for at least half of America could still be supporting Mourdock with a TV ad in Indiana that suggests the Republican senatorial candidate will help him rid Capital Hill of Obama  evil.  (Mourdock, in case you haven't been paying  attention, says God wills rape victims to bear children.)

Mitt continually  rambles about in the farthest reach of the oddball Republican right.  As for Mourdock, the polls show him to be ahead of his Democratic opponent.    Albert Camus was so perceptive  when he  wrote in The Plague:
"Supidity  has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we're not always so much wrapped up in ourselves."
UPDATE:  While wandering through the land of Nod, we came across this incredible  assessment of Mourdock from Josh Mandel, the  Republican candidate for senator:  "He's a class act!"  No, the Whiz Kid wasn't looking into the mirror this time.

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David Hess said...

The late Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas once labeled an opponent as a "Pander Bear." Mitt's unremitting pandering to the Tea Party Right in the primaries has now transitioned to an unalloyed pandering to political moderates. Most astonishing is the virtual absence of concern on the part of his Tea Party allies, who apparently believe that he's just kidding and are keeping mum because they trust he will return to their point of view once he is securely ensconced in the White House. So what are the rest of us to believe? Which disguise is he wearing? Is he the consummate Pander Bear? Is black white? Or white black? As for his core principles, is there any there...there?