Friday, October 12, 2012

Mitt spins health care; Josh visits us with robo-calls

When Mitt Romney dismissed the problems of those without health insurance by saying they can always call an ambulance to take them to an emergency room, it made  one wonder how far he has strayed from the struggles common to many Americans.

We got more evidence of that hollowness from his remarks to the Columbus Dispatch that people don't die from a lack of health insurance.  Would that this be true.  Indeed, as Talking Points Memo has noted, there have been several authoritative  studies that debunk Romney's cold-turkey opinion.

Let me refer to the 2009 study by the Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance that said as many as 44,789 Americans die each year because they have no health insurance.  Furthermore, it  reported, "that alternative measures of access to medical care for the uninsured, such as community health centers, do not provide the protection of private health insurance."

Other studies have turned up similar results.

So, folks, I must ask: Will it take an emetic to find out where Mitt is getting his information these days?

* * * * *

Josh Mandel's field hands have now robo-called my home to complain about  Sen. Sherrod Brown's'  disposition to be less than thrilled by Josh's oft-repeated boots-on-the-ground tales of his tours in Iraq.    I would have been more tolerant if  Josh would simply tell us what he was doing all of that time in the Green Zone, a story commonly making the rounds today.   How about it, Josh?  Want to tell us?


JLM said...

Maybe Josh could get Pat Boone to shill for him.

Marv Katz said...

Re: Looking for Romney's information source

Perhaps an enema would work better...

JLM said...

Heard Josh's snot-nosed interview with WHBC's Ron Ponder. Quite the cock-sure little punk. I've heard Mr. Ponder interview numerous guests and engage in conversation with callers and he is, in the words of FoxNews, fair and balanced. Josh' highly immature responses to his questions validate Mr. Ponder's hanging up on him. Also, Mr. Ponder identifies himself as a Republican so partisanism cannot be charged.