Monday, October 29, 2012

No cookies this week for Ben Stein from Mitt

From a reader comes this battlefield report that he  labeled "Friendly Fire", as told to 



David Hess said...

Obviously, economist Stein never pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist and his no-new-tax theology, which is now the mantra of the vast bulk of Republican office-holders. Most economists world-wide have pronounced Romney's tax policy mathematically null and void. My own modest arithmetical doodlings, after decades of parsing federal budgets, come to the same verdict as Stein -- a conservative -- and the majority of other reputable economists. One wonders how such a devout practitioner as Romney can continue to preach such an apostate economic faith.

PJJinOregon said...

Poor Ben. In the past I've found joy in laughing at his stage performances. Facing reality has never been one of this strengths.

To borrow a sports slogan, ala the Phillies of many seasons ago, you just gotta believe.

Is Romney's support eroding?

Unknown said...

Because it is possible to be a practitioner and a bulls**tter at the same time?

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple for Romney and his supporters - denounce the economists saying the numbers don't add up. So, one plus one equals three if you believe it does. Don't let anyone permit stats, methods, or science get in the way of what you believe. It is the exaxt reason why the current press targets (Joe Scarborough, Jennifer Rubins, etc.) are individuals such as Nate Silver and Dr. Sam Wang from Princeton as they use stats to the project election. It breaks the Romney set narrative his campaign and his surrogates have been setting.