Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summit Board of Elections: Same old mess

Talk about panic.

 I am standing near the counter of the Summit County Board of Elections on a morning that the room was packed by folks who showed up to register on Tuesday's deadline day.  `

It  also was to have been the morning of the board’s regular meeting, but was postponed until Oct. 17 to accommodate a possible return by Summit County Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, who was still inactive because of spinal injuries from an auto accident,  Board director  Joe Masich told Democrats. 

The GOP high command in Summit County figured it needed reinforcements pronto since the Board’s two Democratic members had voted at the last meeting to proceed with opening the polls for early voters the week end before the election.  You may recall that Republican member Ray Weber, all alone without Alex,  left his chair and declared the vote invalid because there was no quorum in his absence.

It all is a perfect fit for Secretary of State’s Jon Husted’s insistence  that the polls would be closed to potential early voters, all in the name of "uniformity". .

One could fairly wonder, however, why the citizens of Summit County won’t rise up someday and declare the guys who run the local party to be fake preachers of democracy.

Meantime, it will be a mess down at the Board.  When I asked Democrat Board member Tim Gorbach about his expectations for the next meeting with Arshinkoff on hand, he spoke from experience:  "It will be the usual barrel of monkeys". 

If you have $10,000 to bet , put the money on another 2-2 deadlock, with the issue then dispatched to Husted to break the tie.   He gave a strong indicationTuesday  he isn't giving up his crusade by announcing he will take the issue to the U.S.Supreme Court after losing his appeal to the 6th District Appellate  Court in Cincinnati.

Folks, at this rate it will  be 2016`before  the voter days are worked out to Husted's satisfaction.

PS:  I've gone into detail on Husted's antics in a column posted on Plunderbund.  

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David Hess said...

Husted and his Summit County puppets are playing rope-a-dope with the courts with the intent of stalling the electoral process in their transparent effort to minimize the potential Democratic vote in that jurisdiction and certain others around the state. Even Republicans on the 4th Circuit panel could see through the ruse. By dragging this farce out, the vote-riggers obviously contrive to prevent a fair-ballot vote past the Nov. 6 date of the election. It may be time for the courts to issue contempt citations for failure to abide by their directive in a timely fashion. Although a criminal contempt citation should be issued on grounds of interfering with elections, a civil citation might be sufficient to induce the culprits to quit messing with peoples' voting rights.