Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney endorsement: the Dispatch's 96-year habit

 No one should have  been surprised that  Mitt Romney picked up an  endorsement from an Ohio newspaper long sworn to fealty to Republicans - the Columbus Dispatch.  As Plunderbund pointed out recently, the Dispatch hasn't endorsed a Democrat for president since 1916.   You would agree,  I'm sure, that 96 years is a long time for the needle to be stuck in the groove.

But the paper had an even greater inspiration to praise businessman CEO Romney, noting that Mitt's   "effect on business confidence would be dramatic and immediate."   Mitt, it glowed, "knows what he is doing"  in economic matters.

And what the paper anticipates he would be doing would be furthering the business empires of folks like the powerful Wolfe family, the Dispatch's owners, whose  sprawling outreach in the private sector includes The Ohio Company,  land owning  and TV-radio outlets WBNS-TV in Columbus (Wolfe Bank, Newspaper, Shoes. - got that?)  

If a Democratic presidential candidate ever ran unopposed, the Dispatch would find a way to invent an opponent.  


Marv Katz said...

Well said, Abe.

JLM said...

Speaking of endorsements, I just read John MaCains's response to Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama. He stated that Powell claims that Obama got us out of Iraq but it was he (meaning Powell) who got us into Iraq with his testimony before the U.N. Security council.
This is absolutely disgusting. Whatever little respect I had left for McCain just evaporated.