Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perez: Another outburst followed by gopher ball

May I interrupt the hysteria over the FIRST DEBATE to bring you a  message from  Cleveland Indians' closer Chris Perez?

Perez, who never wastes a teensy media opportunity to dump on his team's management and fans, complained to the Plain Dealer that "If a manager  has no activity on the field, if he doesn't argue calls or get upset, why would the team?"

Let me reply:  Shouldn't richly rewarded athletes always exert themselves at their highest level if they deserve to be called professionals?  The manager, Manny Acta, has been fired.  Where might you be going?

As the PD writer noted, shortly after his latest outburst, Perez gave up a  homer in the 9th inning that tied the game. May we assume that it was his highest level of exertion?


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