Friday, October 26, 2012

Sununu, the white man's candidate

Once again, John Sununu misfired a finger (it's supposed to be the middle one raised in defiance, John) when  he returned to his race-baiting ways against President Obama. No, we're not talking about your average redneck.  We're talking about the co-chair of Mitt Romney's campaign who made it a point to tell the voters that the only reason Gen. Colin  Powell endorsed President Obama was that they are fellow-African Americans.

It would therefore be  fair to ask Sununu whether the only reason he is siding with Mitt is that they are fellow-Caucasions.

 He's the same guy who once expressed his wish that President Obama  would learn to be an American. (We know what you were thinking, John,)

At other times he has described Obama as"lazy and disengaged".  (You  can filll in the blanks with "watermelon" and food stamps.)

The Washington Post noted that Sununu asserted that Obama's Southern accent was as  "phony as his jaunt".  That leads us to wonder when he will get around to Stepin Fetchit and Sambo.

Considering how much racists feed on these comments from the big man, you can reasonably  ask whether Sununu is as loose tongued as he sounds, or whether he knows exactly what he is doing.


JLM said...

Couldn't stand Sununu when he was Poppy Bush's Chief of Staff. Nothing's changed.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. Sununu continues the narrative of the "otherness" of Obama. He wasn't born here! He's a Muslim! He's a socialist! He doesn't look, act, or think like you! Remember the constant Barack HUSSEIN Obama they laid out in 2010. They've been triying the socialist routine since FDR. " FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama all faced the same accusations. Ma, ma, where's my pa!" would only help as a campaign attack for Republicans so long. Obama offered them the opportunity to exploit the dog whistle they always been using since Nixon and the Southern Strategy. Look at the cross tabs in the polls and see where Romney's strength is strongest - the South. Sunny is doing what he needs to.

PJJinOregon said...

Go easy Abe. He's just Romney's alter ego. Can't help himself.

David Hess said...

Given Sununu's not-so-subtle allusions to Obama's heritage, it stands to reason that he is not acting as a free agent but rather as a surrogate for the Romney campaign's sub-rosa appeal to racism. Romney issues denials of such surreptitious shenanigans, providing himself with plausible deniability for such intentions. But he hasn't taken the one step that would put a stop to the slimy tactic: Denounce Sununu publicly and "fire" him from any association with his campaign.