Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Debate: a field goal with three quarters to go

I'll make this un-hysterically brief because I know you've read every media reaction to the the debate well past midnight:  I was surprised to see Obama  less aggressive in responding to Romney's rat-a-tat assault.  It was Mitt's way of disguising the fact that his math has yet to add up.  He talked of his plan, as if he had one for the economy - which he doesn't.  He's the most secretive of candidates that I've witnessed in the past half-century. After all, as the old saying goes with Mitt in his businessman's mode: "Does  Macy's tell Gimbel's?"  So I'll go along with election guru Nate Silver, who credited Mitt with kicking a field goal.   There are still three quarters to go - one veep debate and two more from Mitt and Barack.  Hang on, Sloopy.

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JLM said...

Acknowlegement to all your points. Still, it was extremely disheartening to see the President looking like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was and Mittens enjoying himself to the degree that he was.