Friday, August 10, 2012

When pandering, politics becomes a religion

We thought Mitt Romney might take a little time off from his pandering  to the faithful after his dash through Israel to convince Jews that he's really one of their guys.  But now he has found a new quarry -  Catholics - in his latest campaign TV ad featuring the words and picture of the late Pope John Paul II counseling former Polish President Lech Walesa to "be not afraid".

In case you aren't up on modern Polish history Walesa was a shipyard labor organizer who faced up to the Soviet Union with a  trade union force  called Solidarity. It  won him a Nobel Prize.

Trouble is,  Romney has shown little  use  for American unions and even endorsed Senate Bill 5 in Ohio, which would have restricted  unions.  But somebody must have informed him that a lot of Poles live in the Buckeye State  and could come in handy on Election Day.

It's uncertain where Romney will turn next in compartmentalizing various faiths.  He's got a lock on the Mormons.  There remain Zoroastrians, Buddhists,  Baha'is, and maybe some storefront cults,  to name a few untapped resources.

Not to question a candidate's reach for friendly believers, but it might be fairly asked why Mitt, a most secretive and skittish sort,  has ignored Pope John Paul's advice to the Polish union leader to "be not afraid".

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mencken said...

Romney is embracing the Cafeteria Catholics, i.e. those who pick and choose which edicts from the Vatican to follow. Doing so Romney can exploit the pro-life voters, and at the same time pretty much ignore the rest of Catholicism.

That said, Obama is now free to court the "bad" Catholics, who very well may outnumber the "good" ones. Could be a wash for Saint Mitt.