Thursday, August 23, 2012

The PD: Now aware of week-end early voters

It is always rewarding to note that my friends who write for editorial pages can increase their level of awareness of a problem within a matter of four days.  That seems to be the case at the Plain Dealer in the Husted Hustle to eliminate week- end early voting.  On Saturday , the PD said "Husted's decree is acceptable"  even though a "weekend  or two"  of of early voting would be "preferable."

Preferable, but not terribly necessary?

But on Wednesday,  it returned to the scene of the crime to report editorially that there is "considerable evidence - notably by a study by the Franklin County Board of Elections - that in-person early voting during evening and week-end hours is especially popular among black voters."

Oh?  The PD  needed a study to convince it of something most folks have known for a long time?

The remedy for Secretary of State Jon Husted's half-a-loaf decree (uniform weekday hours but no week-end hours to accommodate early voters)?

From the PD came this idea for Husted on Wednesday:  "consider adding at least one week-end day for early voting".

Thank goodness for that Franklin County study , or some papers would have never known!

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