Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Priebus heading for Comedy Central?

When Reince Priebus, the nutsy Republican National chairman referred to Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid as a "dirty liar",  it sent us back to the days of the silver screen when a lot of  of folks  were being scripted to use a negative adjective to describe  a negative noun.

For instance, there were tough guy Jimmy Cagney  hissing that somebody was a "dirty rat" and hoodlums  referring to other unpleasant people as "dirty doublecrossers".  Like that.  It simply wasn't enough to be a rat or a doubecrosser. Nor a liar.  You had to be dirty, too.

But because Priebus is unforgivably  stupid, he tried to explain to George Stephanopoulos that he "wouldn't go down that road" of talking about Reid because he didn't want to "respond to a dirty liar".  How good of this man , who has said  before that he doesn't want to engage in name-calling. A puzzled
Stephanopoulos failed to get Priebus to clarify this contradiction.

This is hardly the first time that the RNC boss has demonstrated exuberant nonsense.  A few days ago, he accused President Obama of purposely reviving Rev. Wright as a campaign piece  to distract voters from Obama's other failures.  Or he likened a "war on caterpillars'' to critics accusing  Republicans of a "war on women".

And he defended Rep. Allen West, the noisy right-winger  from Florida who accused Obama of wanting folks to be slaves so they could be dependent on government.  Oh, and West's turn   to McCarthyism to declare there were 80  communists in Congress.

"Allen West," Priebus asserted, "is an important member of Congress from South Florida.  I'm not going to throw Allen West in a ditch".

He won't have to.  West is already there. But we don't know where Reince is these days.  Republicans, you have a problem.


JLM said...

Comedy? You want comedy? How's this?

Reince Priebus.

Guy's got a name that sounds like a Nazi Field Marshal.

Also comedic- John Schnatter, the John of Papa John's Pizza, is saying that Obamacare will cause the price of pizza to rise.

You want cheap pizza? Vote Willard.

Grumpy Abe said...

Aha! The GOP Pizza gambit for the sauce-splashed voters! That won't discourage me. Romney will be good at this , spinning pizza dough as well as everything else. With pepperoni, please.

David Hess said...

My question is, how does Reince know so surely that Harry is a liar, unless he has personally examined Mitt's tax returns for the years at issue. If he has seen them, why haven't the rest of us? Why won't Mitt lay this dispute to rest? What's more, why won't he identify the sugar daddies who are anonymously bundling big bucks for his campaign? Obama has revealed the names of his bundlers. What this election screams for is a little transparency. Who's financing the messages? What do they expect in return?

David Hess said...
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