Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Romney moment for the grandchildren's scrapbook

Couldn't resist this slice of life from the Romney annals.  It's Romeo and, um, Jezebel in a most friendly moment, although I'm not sure that she is  entirely swept up by Mitt's  fixed smile. (In case you are wondering, she is the Arizona governor who used another close-up photo to point an accusatory finger at President Obama upon his airport arrival.)


JLM said...

Ah, love...a many splendored thing.

I wonder if Willard's regretting that they don't do that polygamy thing anymore?

Any closer and he might be getting the accusatory finger from Mrs. Willard.

David Hess said...

MItt appears to be holding a plain white envelope in his right hand. Was this rendezvous with the governor also connected with a fund-raiser? Since contributions in cash are illegal, I presume the contents of the envelope are checks. -

JLM said...

Perhaps it's a love note.