Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is rape? The white guys seek official definition

In the current maelstrom over the abortion "debate," it's interesting to note how much of the expertise about women's bodies is  being issued in public places by white guys. We all know about Rep. Todd Akin's authoritative insights into what constitutes "legitimate rape"  and the Romney/Ryan camp's broken-field scampering to find an official  definition it could agree on.  (Ryan saved his side's  day by repeating President Obama's affirmation that "Rape is rape". Thank you.)

Over  in Pennsylvania, Rep. Tom Smith, Republican senate candidate, entered the linguistic lunacy marathon by taking the abortion issue to the next opaque level.  He opined that rape could be compared to "having a baby out of wedlock".  That may be a bigger challenge to the next white  guy who was planning to claim that rape  was a purely defensible act by men just being men.


David Hess said...

It's the grammar of the issue that befuddles me. For instance, Akin's construction of "legitimate" rape and the aborted attempt in the House to push a bill defining "forcible" rape. Forcible rape is, of course, a redundancy. Legitimate rape is an oxymoron, something that even a moron should understand.

Unknown said...

The more I hear from and about these creeps, the more I'm convinced "legitimate" rape to them means "he wanted some" and "she had it coming to her."