Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A great cartoon worth ten thousand Tea Partyers

This cartoon is a classic microcosm of the Tea Party's influence on the  Republicans' presidential campaign.  It is by Clay Bennett, the Pulitizer Prize-winning cartoonist of the Chattanooga  Times Free Press and titled "The Republican Revolt".   It also is a profile in courage for a newspaper operating in the heart of Civil War country where the tourist attractions are Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain.  If you scan the on-line responses to his work, you will quickly sense the right-wing   disdain for his work , though I doubt Bennett much cares.


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David Hess said...

A French philosopher once mused: "Cogito, ergo sum." (I think, therefore I am.) But in the midst of a mob, thinking can be a dangerous thing. Especially in a mob consumed by unflinching ideology. The first victims of such mobs are civility, compromise and the rule of reason. And the collateral damage befalls the humans who are affected by the rigidity of the ideologues.