Monday, August 13, 2012

What can I do? Reince is back

 Oh, I see how it works.  Now that Mitt has chosen Paul Ryan to be his hood ornament,  he can rely on Reince Priebus to be his torpedo.  I really hate to keep bringing up Reince, but he is the unpleasant chairman of the Republican National Committee and it appears that he will be ready on a moment's notice to point to new evidence of evil  in the Obama camp.

Priebus is the guy who referred to Senate Majority leader Harry Reid as a "dirty liar" - the sort of reference you might hear in a schoolyard or a gangster movie.  And Sunday  on Meet the Press he described the President as a felon who  "stole $700 from Medicare to fund Obamacare."

But the stealing part has been quickly consigned to the trash bin  by the non-partisan Politifact, which said  the  money didn't  come out of the current budget, "they are not actual cuts, and nowhere does the bill  actually eliminate any curernt benefits."

But, folks, it could have been worse.  Priebus could have accused Obama of being a survivor of Jonestown who managed to escape  by swinging from tree to tree.

Or that he was born in  Saul Alinsky's basement  while   Harry Caray led a noisy Cubs crowd in "Take me out to the ballgame"  during the seventh inning stretch.

Or that Obama's long rap sheet said he was arrested  on Chicago's South Side for attempting to  sell a used (!) condom  to a priest,

Or that the number on his Visa card is 666 - the Biblical reference to Satan.

But it's still August, and with Priebus, anything is shamefully possible.


Tile and Stone said...

Hadn't heard of Reince until I read this. Your article is hysterical and scary as it edges close to the truth yet to rear it's ugly head on this guy. Yikes and thanks.

JLM said...

Thankfully we have Field Marshal General Priebus to awaken us to the crimes of the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Terrorist who traitorously occupies the White House.

Sieg Heil!!