Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Proud Buckeyes, Kasich is Plain Dealer's "rising star"

In our ceaseless effort to bring you all of the significant news that will enable you to cope with Planet Politics, we will direct you to today's Plain Dealer. It is there that our governor Kasich was described as a "rising star" in the Republican scheme of things.  Rising star?  Yep.  You can't make this up.

The Kasich-friendly  paper was all aglow because as the big headline on its Metro page boomed:
Kasich to be  featured speaker at the Republican convention
As one who left the hall to find some trivial news at too many conventions to avoid the drone of puffed-up featured speakers, let me tell you that unless you are the nominee, your chances of being heard on the floor diminish  according to  name, rank and the hour on the East Coast.

Of course, if Kasich looks at the California delegation and calls them "wackadoodles,"  a reference in his State of the State speech,  it could get interesting. Even more so if he mentions his support of the anti-union Senate Bill 5, now deceased.

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Dave Hess said...

If Mitt wins, just think of the possibilities for K -- Secretary of Labor? OMB Director? Plenipotentiary to Karl Rove?