Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mandel campaigning in light of full moon

At first glance, I once thought that Josh Mandel was simply  careless about his words and actions because so little of either made much sense.  But as the whiz kid's  campaign against Sen. Sherrod Brown  becomes more visible, I''m now convinced that his  every move as a walk-on to the political stage is calculated with steaming caldrons by the light of a full moon.

The latest example - and there have been many - is his moronic charge that Brown is "un-American" - something Joe McCarthy would have said long before Mandel was born.  And we all know what happened to Tailgunner Joe, whose name is now an eponym for the worst in political assassination.  Will Josh be remembered  from the ashes of his ruthless campaign as  Mandelism?  Give him time,  He's only 34.

His disloyalty charge against Brown was reported by the Columbus Dispatch  in a piece following  a Brown-Mandel sitdown with editors and reporters. He based his troubled remark on Brown's support of the auto industry bailout.  The story reported that Josh never answered directly when he was asked what he would have done differently than Brown on the loans that saved the auto industry and thousands of jobs. His calculated accusation against Brown was so locked into his psyche that he couldn't come up with a reasonable alternative  other than to mention "regulations,  energy production and the U.S. Tax Code," the paper said. Strictly GOP boilerplate.

Josh, please.  You are the Republican/Tea Party nominee for the U.S.Senate.  You are running in Ohio.  Auto industry recovery of jobs is even making Governor Kasich  look better (though he didn't
 have a damn thing to do with it).

Tone it down, Josh.  Check Brown's birth certificate.  Find out whether he's  ever been to California.
Ask him whether he's ever skinny-dipped in the Sea of Galilee.  And why he's never sent a Christmas card to Netanyahu.  Show, for God's sake.  Many of us won't vote for you but maybe when you run for president someday a few  people will forget your  un-American crap that you laid before the Dispatch people.

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JLM said...

But Abe, Joshie's a War Hero, for God's sake! Show some respect!