Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wisconsin GOP settles on its economic goals. Not.

AN ASSOCIATED PRESS report from Wisconsin tells us that Republican state legislators are in a big hurry these days to enact critical (to them) laws before a possible a Democratic takeover through recalls. And what is more important to these conservative do-gooders now that Gov. Scott Walker has laid out his plan to remove the state budget deficit by denying public employee unions of collective bargaining?

Check this AP summary of the Republican fast-track goals:
"Republicans, in a rapid sequence of votes over the next eight weeks, plan to legalize concealed weapons, deregulate the telephone industry, require photo identification at the polls, expand school vouchers and undo an early release for prisoners."
These lawmakers are the advance guard of a new age of Badger progress! In the idiom of the streets and back rooms, this is known as taking care of business. Still, I'm not sure ID's at the polls or school vouchers, as well as the other items on the GOP's love-in with its donors will create any jobs by energizing the economy. Shouldn't some of the fine print also ask that the servile perps be given IQ tests?

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