Monday, May 16, 2011

The cause celebre of a cow staring at cows

NOW THAT WE don't have Donald Trump to kick around anymore, it's time that we leave the hippodrome and look at what else has been going on that will be of equally minor importance to historians. I would begin with a $2.5 million court case involving proprietary rights over a painting that the New York Times described as a "cow gazing at other cows". Classical art has little to offer in the bovine genre, relying mostly on horses with heroic kings and generals in the saddles.

In this peculiar case, no less an authority than the Metropolitan Museum of Art is suing British art collector Robert Wylde who innocently purchased it from a gallery in 2009 for - right! - $2.5 million. The Museum says it owned 31 pct. of the painting by artist Mark Tansey, who had called it "The Innocent Eye Test". The Met insists on voiding the deal. Let me know how it turns out.

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