Monday, May 9, 2011

Break up the Pirates before they capture the what?

ALLOW ME to write hurriedly about a celebration, however brief it might be, of the Pittsburgh Pirates reaching the .500 mark on Sunday. What's so great about that? This is the latest in the season that they reached that honored mission since June 11, 2005. The team, such as it has been, has not had a winning season since 1992 and will break the record held by the Phillies if they again finish under .500 this year. (The Bucs obviously learn nothing from the Steelers.) Even the Indians have had the pleasure of losing playoff games during the past 17 seasons. Well, as a long suffering Pirate fan who used to slip into Rosie Roswell's office to watch him recreate games on the ticker, I'm happy. But as I mentioned , I wrote this quickly. They play the Dodgers tonight and could easily fall under .500 again. But I can still say I knew them when...

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