Thursday, May 19, 2011

New TV sit-com: Everybody Hates Newt

THE AWFUL rain days have driven me indoors to spend more time keeping up with the latest episodes of Everybody Hates Newt. It's a sit-com that's an updated version of All in the Family rolled out by TV's deep thinkers to capitalize on the trials and tribulations of a simple guy we've all known at one time or another in our own workaday lives.

It's all about coping, which so many folks are trying to do nowadays simply to get by. For Newt Bunker, who has trouble expressing himself clearly, it is a struggle for him to have to put up with modernity and a liberal son-in-law that he calls Meathead. But in the new version, the Meathead has been replaced by a character that Newt, the primordial conservative with an unrequited need to be somebody, claims to be the President. It's a stretch, I know, but it's a sit-com, folks, and everybody, except the unsuspecting Bunker, is in this thing for a laugh.

The show's ratings jumped over the top until Arnold confessed on another new series to his macho body- building efficiency in impregnating women - wife, and friend - virtually simultaneously.

Just to show you how quickly times can change in delicious TV success stories, all of the above occurred in the wake of the Donald Trump Saga ,which was abruptly bumped to the History Channel. But we knew it would be short-lived. I didn't see a single teenager who copied his hair style.

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