Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama/Meyers vs. Trump: A Saturday night massacre

IF YOU MISSED THE annual White House Correspondents Assn. dinner Saturday night (C-Span, full coverage), you didn't see the classic putdowns of Donald Trump by both President Obama and Seth Meyers, the Saturday Night Live writer who was the standup comedian for the event. Obama's dart included a cartoon that imagined how Trump would bring change as president. The place would become a hotel/casino with cocktail servers wiggling around in bikinis. The Prex also opined amid rounds of laughter that his release of his birth certificate would allow Trump to show his leadership on such other weighty matters as whether the moon landing was faked.

Meyers, who followed Obama, didn't let up, telling the audience that although Trump figured to be running as a Republican, he was really running as a joke.

The Donald, who was the guest of the Washington Post for reasons that only the paper can explain, witnessed the assault from his table with his third wife seated aside him. He forced a few painful grins, then his inner cave man surfaced with that familiar bullish fright mask. He quickly left the scene with the same demeanor as the cameras followed him through the crowd of 3,000, some of whom who were still handing around when the event ended.

But the day wasn't totally a washout for the nasty billionaire. Earlier, at a luncheon, Sarah Palin (Remember her? She hopes so!) defended him, chirping words that went:

"We appreciate and respect Donald Trump. He's our buddy."

That's one, Mr. Trump. That's one.

Can't ignore Obama's spiked advice to Michele Bachmann, another of his loopy adversaries on the right. He reported that she was born in Canada. And tersely explained how the system allows such nonsense:

"Yes, Michele," he said of his fanciful one-liner, "this is how it starts."

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Mencken said...

Some wit this morning suggested that Trump won't believe Osama is dead until he sees the long form death certificate.