Thursday, May 5, 2011

David Koch: Obama only a bystander in bin Laden raid!

DAVID KOCH, the self-assured co-anchor of the ultra-conservative Koch brothers team, has accused President Obama of being "a hardcore socialist" who contributed very little to the raid on bin Laden's compound. There's not much new in the socialist charge. Back in 1920, Sinclair Lewis' anti-hero, George Babbitt, frequently complained that people who raised questions about fixed community standards were socialists.

But Koch's hollow remarks about Obama's role in the raid is another story. He told New York Magazine that "all that Obama did was say 'yea or 'nay', we're going to take him out. I don't think he contributed much at all." Koch added that the President's decision was easiest of them all."

Suggesting that the hard work was done by the SEALS," Koch regarded Obama as nothing more than a bystander as the plan and execution unfolded. The cheers from the fringe gallery will be energized by such exclusive insights from their leader. With such important news, it's really too bad that there still aren't some presses around to stop.
But it could be said that Obama's critics were not yet schooled on how else to address the terrorist's demise on a Democratic president's watch. Life is so full of surprises! So we must leap from one conspiracy theory to another to find out which one is the most politically productive. The naysayers obviously haven't sensed the public's relief at hearing the news. Instead, on this and many other issues, the GOP pols will keep spilling out of the Koch vending machines with their sales tags still attached to them.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin hisses that the president has been "pussyfooting" in the days following the attack; Glenn Beck called Obama's visit to Ground Zero "disgusting". Nobody has as yet claimed that Obama has driven up his poll numbers with a corked bat. Not yet.

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JLM said...

Of course these priggish bastards can't give the President credit for what he accomplished. It's not feasible for them to do so. My God, a good number of them are criticizing him for "taking victory laps" regarding the elimination of Bin Laden. Apparently they've forgotten Little Boy Bush strutting across the aircraft carrier deck in his Presidential flight suit (with codpiece) and standing in front of the massive (and erroneous) "Mission Accomplished" sign.