Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Romney hits Obama with the F-letter

AS A COLLEGE student, I filled a 24- page booklet for an ancient history essay exam, much of it in frantic gibberish. When the professor, a tall reserved lecturer, returned my work I was shocked to see that he had given it an F with no further assessment. I rushed into his office and demanded: "Wasn't there enough in all of those handwritten pages to merit a D?"

"Oh, there might have been," he said. "I stopped reading it after the third or fourth page. You were writing everything you know and hoping that the right answer was in there somewhere. That told me you were fishing and didn't know the answer."

Hurrumph...! End of discussion.

Which leads me to Mitt Romney, whom many people say is the Hollywood version of a president although he doesn't come close to resembling Michael Douglas, do you think? For one thing, Mitt's mechanics are bad, as when he begins to tell us everything he knows about everything. His head snaps to a fixed position, as his starched open collar white shirt remains motionless. For all of his good looks and studied body language, he's simply not there yet. But it's really what he says that casts him in a B movie. The dialogue is astonishingly weak.

Today, for example, appearing on the Today show, he gave President Obama an F. On everything. National security, foreign policy, leadership. He might have even accused Obama of being obese. I didn't get that far into the Talking Points Memo account. Somebody should mention to him that even though he is better looking than everyone else in the field, he will have to start making a little sense one of these days. Otherwise he will emerge as a handsome political hack to please all of those right-wing folks in Iowa. After that, he will discover that looks aren't everything.

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PJJinOregon said...

So Romney has stolen a page from Palin's playbook? Or is he campaigning to be her VP nominee? Sounds like Lieberman's legacy writ large! (or small)