Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mitch Daniels: the quintessential family man

IF YOU HAPPENED to be gazing at the southern sky for any sign of the Rapture Saturday night, you might have mistaken a faint earthward streak for a falling star. Actually, it was Mitch Daniels. After providing the pundits with endless speculation that vaulted him as the go-to Alternative in the wacko GOP presidential field, the Indiana governor told us that he preferred his life with his family. Obviously, the thought of being No.1 in the Oval Office just isn't as fetching as it used to be.

You might consider this:
The GOP has Newt, Mitt, TPa, Paul and Cain,
But the polls tell us they're all running in vain.

Oh, yes. Sorry that we overlooked Lady Michele.
But outside of the Tea Party she'd be a hard sell.
The week end also brought us a hysterical gasp from Mitt Romney, who accused President Obama of "throwing Israel under the bus." Fortunately calmer minds prevailed that left Mitt, starchy white shirt and casual Levis, appearing to be a lightweight political opportunist in search of an audience.

Speaking of daring lightweights, how about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is openly defying a state law that grants visitation rights for same-sex couples. The man is driven by right-wing religious ardor and his public support c0ntinues to fall as he attempts to rebuild Wisconsin into a second rate theocratic state. Glad the folks up there are paying attention.

Meantime, for all of the clucking about Gingrich's flip-flops, there may be method to his madness. As soon as he begins denying that he didn't say what everybody else thought he said the media rush to his side demanding that he explain his looniness. All of which means that he gets more national air time. He'a now ahead of Sarah Palin in that game. Didn't hear a peep from her over the week end.

Help: Who said:
"When this group of Republican candidates eventually vanish, they will leave behind no intellectual history"


Mencken said...

I can't find the author, so I'm going to guess it was
Professor Irwin Corey.

JLM said...

I've been hearing the GOP mouthpieces recently offering up the one and only Paul Ryan (Eddie Munster) stating that he has a "date with destiny". After all, why not run the man with the plan.

The problem is the plan.