Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kasich sends a big bouquet to public workers!

BRAVISSIMO TO Gov. Kasich for his courageous stand against the hordes of fools who have been trying to rid Ohio of collective bargaining for public unions. He forthrightly used the occasion of Public Service Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week to remind everyone that public workers are invaluable citizens who ought to be accorded full respect and honor in their labors to make as us all happier residents of the Buckeye state.

Who else would have risked the scorn of supportive business and corporate donors by declaring his deepest gratitude for public workers with praise for "tens of thousands [actually, 350,000, if you count all public workers, guv] of outstanding teachers for whom it's more than a job - it's a calling. I'm grateful for the work they do, and I encourage every Ohioan to take time this week to thank an educator for their commitment to Ohio's future."

Effusively impressed by the work of these dedicated folks, the governor noted that they are "community leaders and our neighbors...who protect us, care for our most vulnerable, teach our children, and maintain our infrastructure to aid commerce and economic development throughout Ohio." Demonstrating his innate sense of political balance in the reports that I read, he never resorted to linking public employes to dreaded unions.

The man continues to grow politically and intellectually. If you want to do your part, take a public worker to lunch this week. And send an envelope with a contribution to the Republican Party. Be sure to mention Kasich's name, the biggest public employe of them all.

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Mencken said...

Kasich loves public workers the way Henry the 8th loved Anne Boelyn.