Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ohio GOP -2; Tea Party - zero.

A FUNNY THING happened to Ohio's bellowing Tea Parties in Tuesday' s Republican primaries. If you'll recall they had huffed and puffed and ...

And what?

And, well, nothing, really - except for some humiliating defeats. at the hands of GOP-backed candidates. It wasn't even close. Some figures: Dave Yost, the endorsed candidate for state auditor, won two-thirds of the vote against State Rep. Seth Morgan, the Tea Partiers' Chosen One. And State Sen. Jon Husted nailed nearly 70 pct. of the vote against Sandra O'Brien, another Tea Party favorite. Call it a learning experience for a disorganized group of bleaters who lack the political know-how and organizational leadership - which translate into campaign money - logistics and sales message to form, at best, a third party movement. The results looked more like the emperor's new suit.

It should be a learning experience for those county Republican chairmen, including Summit County's mercurial chief, who supported Morgan in fear of Tea Party reprisals.

I was among those who saw the renegades as a growing threat within the State GOP household, particularly in a primary when their dissent at the outer edges 0f ideologies can cause serious mischief even in a losing cause. Tuesday's results don't mean that it will be the last we will hear of the TP's. But unless they can regroup with a tolerable political voice, they will be no more than a nuisance for Republicans; that is, of course, if the regulars don't stop genuflecting to the Tea Party rants.

A born-again Tea Party movement will take more than is has shown so far on Election Day, despite the encouragement of a forever chirping Sarah Palin, or the outlandish male chorus of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and their ilk. These jabberers aren't paid to win elections. They are paid to win the ratings wars with their competitors to the satisfaction of their network bosses. In that respect, they succeed. But what other good can come of it?

That would be a fair question to ask Tea Partiers while they are picking up the pieces today.

OK, I'm asking.


Anonymous said...

What is funny about the Arshinkoff - Tea Party situation is that they neglected(ignored) who Arshinkoff was backing in the other races. All they knew is that he was backing Seth Morgan and that meant he was their ally. They ignored the reality that he is a major backer and benefactor of the Mike DeWine and Jon Husted candidacies. He ignored Dave Yost in his race for Attorney General to clear the field for Mike DeWine. They were played by a political expert due to their short-sightedness.

fargo said...

The Tea Baggers (I refuse to call them Tea Partiers) are tools of the Republican establishment. Imagine their surprise when they help the GOP take the House back and then find out they have no intention of repealing HCR or cutting spending.

Anonymous said...

I love how the anti Arshinkoff crowd is so delusional that they actually believe that Seth Morgan lost because of Alex's endorsement. As if the average rank and file republican in Summit County or the State of Ohio is going to base their vote because of a county chairman's endorsement.

Yost won because of the major financial support of the Ohio Republican Party. Ohio is too big of a state, and the Auditor's race does not generate a lot of interest for the grassroots to get involved to change the race.