Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cuccinelli ends the cover-up

KEN CUCCINELLI, the Virginia attorney general and protagonist in the state's Boobgate scandal, has decided to reverse his order that would have covered a bare breast on the state seal, blaming the whole flap on the media. Fully deserving of the Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) award was this "never-mind" from the Republican AG:
"This is simply a media-made issue that has become distracting to the work of my office. I am going to end this distraction by discontinuing future use of the [lapel] pin. I think we all do the citizens a service by getting back to talking about things that are more important to them, including my office's work last week to get four sexually violent predators committed to mental health treatment, the collection of $225,ooo in back debt owed to the commonwealth, and assisting local law enforcement in an investigation that resulted in a drug kingpin being sentenced to life without parole."
You had me worried for a moment, Ken. I thought you would never get around to mentioning the drug kingpin.

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