Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ganley-Fedeli axis: When $$$ soar

MEGA-AUTO DEALER Tom Ganley's congressional campaign against U.S Rep. Betty Sutton is being defined these days by one striking feature: Money, big money. You may recall that at the grand rollout of his campaign he was said to have pledged $6 million of his own cash for the race. He later "loaned" the campaign $2 million that's likely to be channeled into a TV assault on Sutton. Now comes word that he will be honored at a fund-raiser promoted by his staff in the richly appointed corporate offices (complete with a big restaurant) of the Fedeli Group on Rockside Rd. on June 3. It's owned by another millionaire to the umpteenth power, private insurance broker Umberto Fedeli - from whom many blessings have flowed to Republican candidates. (I'm told Fedeli meets annually with the pope for inspiration at the Vatican.)

The tickets run from $1,000 to $2,500. At that price, it's not likely that you will find any pensioners or undocumented workers in the crowd. The highlight of the evening will be a visit by House minority leader John Boehner, whatever that's worth for a pol whose approval ratings are hanging out in the 20s.

So far, Ganley's name-dropping successes have included an endorsement from true right-winger Bay Buchanan, an appearance on Mike Huckabee's Fox program, with well wishes from the host, and now an elbow-rubbing event with Boehner. None of this would be seductive in a northern Ohio congressional district. Still, with Fedeli aboard, the two could provide a new kitchen in his restaurant to return Sutton, as some would have it, to a woman's traditional role.


Mencken said...

Better yet, Ganley & Fideli.... The Axles of Evil?

Mencken said...
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Anonymous said...

Typicaly liberal. Stop being jealous at other people's success, Abe.

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