Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lee Fisher should thank the GOP for its help

THE GOP'S sexually overripe attack ad on Ohio Democratic senatorial candidate Lee Fisher has hardly helped its effort to beat him. The internet ad, which shows him bare-chested and ecstatically weaving with one hand under the table was a clear message that he was enjoying an auto-erotic moment or two and has drawn an avalanche of national coverage and comment (except in my hometown newspaper). Considering the number of denials posted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, it obviously is has become circle-the-wagons time within the GOP precincts. Even Fisher's Republican opponent, Rob Portman, has distanced himself from the ad's content, saying it was in bad taste.

The denials will have little effect on the story. There's a constant in political campaigns that once a negative becomes firmly implanted in the public mind, it will never die. The ad lasciviously taunts the viewer "Dare to see more?" It concludes, "People are more focused on results than ever before." In this instance, I couldn't agree more.

Let's see: First the Medina Republican Party wants to send U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton back to the kitchen, and now this. Ray Bliss, the Hall of Fame Republican guru, must be turning in his grave.

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Honest said...

This wont even be a race. While I agree that Kasich and the lazy Lt. Gov. candidate Mary Taylor will go down, Portman will take care of Fisher quite easily.

I give you Strickland and Pepper. GOP wins everything else statewide and three congressional seats.