Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A liar by any other name is still a liar

FOR EVERY GRAVE and jittery event in a today's jittery world, we can always count on Pavlovian responses from Rush Limbaugh & Co. for their audiences of unquestioning true believers. The latest display of trash talking from the Right arrived within moments of the oil spill and the would-be terrorist attack in Times Square. For Limbaugh, it was the notion that President Obama had somehow managed to tip over the oil rig to further his own environmental designs, whatever they might have been. But Rushbo's more insufferably twisted report was that Faisal Shahzad, who is said to have confessed to the failed NYC plot, was a registered Democrat and Obama supporter!

"Guess what?" Limbaugh frothed. "Faisal is a registered Democrat!" He then wondered whether the abandoned SUV had an Obama sticker on it.

Guess what, Rush. Media Matters checked out the voter registration roles in Connecticut and was told by the registrar that there is no evidence that Shahzad was a registered voter.

Not that any of this will make any difference to the legions of Limbaugh followers, who want to believe. Normally, it shouldn't make any difference to the sane world, either. Uninformed people say dumb things every day. But Limbaugh's enraged voice of insidious commentary echoes through the right wing world and soon others of his ilk are repeating it without conscience.

It's tiresome. But at least we can call him on it and clearly profile him as the country's most visibly crazed liar.

In the mornings in Sicily, the street vendors push their carts along the old multi-story buildings shouting strange syllables as the residents of their apartments' upper floors lower their baskets to the sing-song vendors for a day's fresh supply of fruit and vegetables. I once asked a Sicilian what the vendors were saying.

"Saying?" he shrugged. "They're not saying anything. They're just making a lot of noise to get people to buy the lemons and tomatoes."

I wonder if Limbaugh ever tried to sell his lemons in Palermo.


fargo said...

A guy I know told me that he heard from this girl he used to date that she read on an internet blog that Faisal had a Reagan 84 sticker on his SUV and liked to pick up white girls at Tea Bagger rallies. The National Enquirer is going to lead with it next week.

ReaganFan84 said...

Rush made some other interesting comments regarding the attempted Times Square bombing. He said that many in the media were hoping that the bomber would be a Tea Partier so that they could further demonize members of that movement.

Rush then pointed out how for months, many on the left have desperately tried to link the tea parties with violence despite a complete lack of evidence. And yet whenever there is a terror attack commited by a Muslim, those very same people call Islam a religion of peace and deny any link it might have with violence.

You have to admit that there is some truth to what Rush said.

Grumpy Abe said...

Interesting comments? As in, the guy was a registered Democrat? Good night

fargo said...

I wonder why Limbaugh chooses to lead with a lie like Faisal being an Obama supporter. Reaganfan84 would have to admit that Limbaugh creating a story like that renders anything else he has to say unbelievable.