Monday, May 10, 2010

Joe is on the prowl again for coverage

Keep an eye on Joe Lieberman, folk. He's making news again. This time, he is proposing something called a Terrorist Expatriation Act. That forms an acronym of TEA. Get it? The measure would permit eliminating the citizenship of anybody that the State Department believes might be a member of a terrorist organization. In these worrisome times, it might sound good - but even conservatives like Rep. John Boehner fear it is going too far. For Lieberman, however, he might just be thinking that if the Republicans regain control of the senate in November, he would have some talking points to caucus with the GOP. Now an independent caucusing with the Democrats after supporting the McCain presidential run, Lieberman always keeps his political options open. Like a pendulum, no less.

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PJJinOregon said...

In a parallel universe, I suspect that Joe is a stock market day trader - sense the momentum, however brief, and move that direction. Too bad we don't have an SEC for politicians.