Saturday, January 30, 2016

With Kasich, where have the 'good people' gone?

One of the memorable comments from the latest Republican debate - aka  Grim Fairy Tales -- was  uttered by Gov. Kasich  when he was asked about the poisoned water calamity in Flint.  A Houdini in slipping nooses, Kasich said he didn't know enough about the details to comment on what most school children probably know.    But he did assure his audience as the absentee landlord of  the Buckeye state,    he was proud to hire good people who would be  "on top of any problems that arose in Ohio."  (Sebring is still a  work in progress.)

Yep, the pick of the litter.  A few examples will suffice:

Rick Hodges was plucked by Kasich from  his job as director  of the Ohio Turnpike Commission  to become director of the Ohio  Department of Health.  The position had been filled by physicians, or as the state law required, "someone with significant  experience in the public health field."  Hodges  wasn't qualified to give you an over-the-counter aspirin.

And how about  Debe Terhar , the Tea Party activist who was appointed to the State  Board of Education while adding a Hitler graphic to her page  doubtless aimed at President Obama.  ( She advanced to  board president!) She worked with Kasich to drive out her predecessor, Deborah Delisle.

Then we come to Mike Gonidakis, executive director of Ohio Right to Life and registered pro-life lobbyist,  who  was appointed to the the State Medical Board, which is supposed to assess the qualifications of physicians,  which he isn't.

As Plunderbund once pointed out, Kasich added a climate change denier to  the Public Utilities Commission  of Ohio.

Oh, and a former utilities lobbyist and VP for American Electric power to the Department of Natural Resources.

There's more, including the privatization of the now secretive  JobsOhio.   But  don't get me started. Is this  how he chooses foxes for his chicken coops?

When Kinky Friedman , the cowboy songwriter, humorist and  radio guest of Don Imus ran against Rick Perry for governor (and lost) , he had some words of assurance to the voters:

"Trust me,'' he said, with  mock sincerity.   "I'm  Jewish. l'll hire good people."

Kasich has yet to meet that goal for his honor roll .

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