Friday, January 15, 2016

For GOP debaters, bring on the stagehands

For all of you who didn't bother to watch the Republican SWAT team in the debate Thursday night, here's what you missed :

Ohio Gov. John ("C'mon, are you KID-ding me?") Kasich filled in a few more important blanks in his family history  by informing us that  several relatives worked in Pennsylvania steel mills, thus burnishing his authentic  blue-collar roots as the son of a mailman, who didn't work in the mills.

Chris Christie, forever  the tough-talking Jersey boy,  said Barack Obama was a "petulant" kid and "we should kick his rear end out of the White House." (Would you first remove all of your traffic cones from his path, Guv?)

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each referred to the other as a friend before kniving each other's flesh.  The critical domestic issue was Cruz's elitest put-down of Trump as having  "New York values".  ("Not a lot of conservatives come out of New York," he said,  ignoring a GOP presidential candidate named George Pataki, former New York governor and recent presidential dropout, as well as Rudy Giuliani,  a former Republican presidential candidate.)Trump was ready for this one.  He recalled how well New Yorkers responded to the 9/11 attacks.

Marco Rubio,  well rehearsed as a game-faced precocious  robot,  described Obamacare as a "certified  job killer" without  revealing the name of the certifier. He, like many other Repblicans,  promised to  rid the nation of the burden of the IRS.

I don't remember  much about the alarms of Jeb! Bush and  Ben Carson.  No matter. No game changers there.

Leave it as this:  The majority - "real people and not actors"  as the TV ads often explain -  defined the evil of world as ISIS, immigration, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as America's leadership  has descended as sissies while a polluted face-masked China is gloriously rising.

As Kasich should have said in vernacular disbelief,   "C'mon, are you KID -ding me?  .


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