Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A survival kit of the presidential primaries

By midweek before the Monday primary, I had retreated into sullen denial.  No more "breaking news" of the latest polls.  No more expert political analysis speculating and rehashing of everything that had been said  before.  No more car commercials merging with constipation ads.   No more oft-broken news strung across the bottom of the screen.

Been there.  Done that.  Read any good books lately.?

Everything pointed to the media- driven showdowns in Iowa on Monday night when many of  us were looking for ways to get some sleep.  Certain that the joyful moments would come upon awakening Tuesday, the satisfaction that there were no more Iowa polls and nasty candidates calling each other awful names, I discovered that  things aren't  quite that intelligible in today's politics.  And  Politics 2016 was still erupting as if the media messengers were reporting the home stretch of the Kentucky Derby,.

Trump was of no help.   He lost.  That left us in the morning-after mode to consider the dreadful possibility of Ted Cruz as the Vader-like leader of the free  world.  Am I getting way ahead of myself? Am I still  thinking about the nation's flirtation with a catastrophe in 2008 when John McCain agreed to choose Sarah Palin as veep candidate.  My desperate hope at the time was that if he were elected, he would live in a capsule  free of any peril  to his life.

Fortunately, Barack Obama spared us of the drama queen, for which he gets too little credit.    We can only wonder what McCain now thinks about it in his private moments recalling, as others have put it over the years,  "shooting craps with history." .

I am still in denial.  For the past before-and-after  week  I found escape in Puccini's Turandot at the Regal, a  greater interest in Johnny Manziel's  deconstruction as a NFL QB, Seinfeld reruns, the well-done PBS documentary of James Garfield's assassination and, cheerfully, a bowl of popcorn watching several Great Courses DVD lectures on a tour of Italy.  (Still have more than 30 to go that I have reserved for New Hampshire.)

If you have any interest in those solutions these days, begin by not setting the alarm.

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