Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jeff Fusco: well-deserved recognition

It's now official:  The first annual Grumpy Abe  "2015 political person of the
 year" award has been unanimously chosen by the author of this blog.  It is Jeff Fusco, so honored for his steady determination to restore peace and dignity to the mayor's office as the city's chief executive  after a brief period of disruption by his recent predecessors.

Without any notion to remain in the job beyond a new year,  Fusco was projected into the mayor's office after Don Plusquellic's  resignation that was followed by a brief stay by Garry Moneypenny.  That set the stage for Fusco's promotion in the line of succession as the president  of City Council in the midst of rising factionalism on Council and other leading problems facing the city.   But seasoned by his own experience in that legislative body, he quietly soldiered on while also running  for council-at- large.

It was to his credit that he effectively  managed  important city business,  stood back from fanfare, was reelected to Council and now shares the satisfaction upon leaving at year's end  that he had served his mission well in the mayor's office.

Yep, Person of the Year. By acclimation from Grumpy.

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