Sunday, January 24, 2016

No end to the Cleveland sports saga

The bad news is the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered another ugly loss to a top rated team Saturday night in the debut of their new coach as the hometown crowd booed.

The good news is the coach,  Tyronn Lue,  wasn't fired after the game.  Not being an intense  basketball fan, I am at least aware that Lue  could become  the next  guy added  to the merciless list of Cleveland managers and coaches of  the Cavs, Browns and Indians  who stopped off in the city.  History is not on his side.

Meantime. could the Cavs be the first team to fire the coach while the team was leading its division by a lot? And will it be the first team to be led by a player-coach?   LeBron James,   I mean?  Most insiders are  not sure, or even deny, that LeBron held the winning hand in ousting David Blatt .

But as an outsider, I am grateful that the Cleveland pro sports teams continue to grab  my attention in the moments when Donald Trump isn't boasting that his fans are so attached to him that even if he shot somebody, he wouldn't lose a single vote.

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