Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GOP should keep the champagne corked

Just heard a Republican white guy boasting that Democratic candidates will have President Obama's "noose" around their necks in November.  Unfortunately, I don't have such precious powers of long-range forecasting.  I can only tell you that today's unheralded political news is that Obama is showing some positive bounce in the polls.

 Despite the sledge hammers that the GOP have been using on the White House on the Iran nuclear  deal, migrants and Obamacare,  some national polls show that he is trending upward in the public eye after a long period of being as much as double digited disapproval.

Gallup now casts him  with a 6- point advantage in public approval,  the Reuters   poll finds him in a 50-50 tie and  NBCs has him down by only 2 points.  Doesn't. sound like his opponents should be uncorking the champagne when they noose their Democratic  opponents.

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