Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hey, pundits. There's a darker side to Kasich

Have you  been following the transition of John Kasich  from crabby governor to   mild and mannered presidential candidate to  hardscrabble evangelical preacher to  a boastful human ode to the common man?

Probably not.  I haven't noticed that the hometown papers nor the national pundits have picked up  on his slick morphing to gain ground as a  blessedly  good white guy in the wilds of New Hampshire.

All things being relative,  Kasich is now being heralded  by some writers as the lone civilized carom away from Donald Trump and  some other guy named
 Cruz.  In the modern media-driven age hurriedly built on fresh material to satisfy viewers and readers, his newly created style points have projected him as a  "moderate".

A moderate?

And so, dear  readers,  I  must move more deeply into the confusion by asking whether a moderate would pledge to defund Planned Parenthood "like  crazy" or put it entirely out of business if possible.

Or  massage  workers in  Bow, N.H., by asking whether a blue- collar kid like him as the son of a mailman would be more sympathetic to workers than to "rich people"?

That one's  easy:  the rich people, of course. .As POLITICO reported:  Some of the biggest supporters to his Super PAC have relationships with him  that  have generated ethics complaints.

 Among the biggest donors are companies doing business with his administration, including mining interests. That  might be more than a clue to why he said at an energy conference "we are going to continue to work on cleaning coal, but I want to tell  you, we are going to dig it, we are going to clean it and we are going to burn it  in Ohio and we aren't going to apologize for it."

That arrives  at the same bullying latitude as when he openly called a cop an idiot  for pulling him over on a traffic stop.  Or when he referred to Californians as wackadoodles. Or when he warned that  anybody who didn't go along with his policies would be  run over by the bus.

They said  he is  fully  at peace with himself  because  the Lord is now in charge of  his campaign to lead him to greater heights.(Not a pun!)

With that sacred rite of passage, if this guy should ever  be sworn in as president, the ceremony might   be staged in Ernest Angley's Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls..

 On election day the smoke rising from the chimney would  not   match blue collars but the starchy white of the big board rooms.  Shouldn't the swooning pundits get off their butts and find out some of these things for themselves.?

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