Monday, January 14, 2013

PUCO chief: greenies a red plot


Gov.  Kasich appointee Todd Snitchler, chairman of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission,  has no use for the disciples of climate change.  Indeed, he has tweeted that  people who support renewable energy represent "?? 'green'  religion" that is "taking over from Christian religion."

(I'll pause for a moment to allow sane readers a break to catch their breath.)

Snitchler's hostility to "greeniacs"  was revealed by Columbus Dispatch reporter Darrel Rowland,  who combed more than 1,000 comments from Snitchler's Twitter account.  It  bore his  enemies list  and a mention or two of Pravda, which left no doubt that the whole green scenario is a Communist plot.  Who knew?

His tweets revealed him to be in tune with the works of Ayn Rand, Matt Drudge and Fox News whenever  he's in need of  material or a platform for his nutty views. The Christian thing may be of his own choosing.

As Plunderbund asked:  "Should we be surprised that Kasich is appointing climate change deniers to a position that requires him to determine whether proposed major wind or solar facilities are in the public interest"?  Plunderbund notes that the governor has already appointed two anti-abortionist activists to the state medical board  and an anti-public school tea partier to the Board of Education.

Snitchler found his way down to Columbus from Uniontown, whence  he was launched into the Ohio House of Representatives.  A University of Akron Law school graduate, he will as PUCO chairman have a strong influence on energy issues in the state.  Most recently, the commission  turned down a solar-energy project in Southeastern Ohio that would have created 600 jobs, ignoring PUCO's own staff advisories.

Commission member Lynn Slaby of Akron, told me  that Snitchler was "smart" and "conservative."  But he said he wasn't aware of co-Republican Snitchler's apocalyptic tweets.  Oh, Slaby says the project still could be revived with a different set of conditions. But for further details on a possible revision, as in history, alert me to Snitchler's next visit to Fox News.

P.S.  Does Snitchler fashion all of those tweets on company time?   Well?   


Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up - glad you did this.

Grumpy Abe said...

So much for the "moderate" image of Kasich. His heart is in the Tea Party, as iss Snitchler's. Maybe the governor should start reading the newspapers .

David Hess said...

Another example of Kasich's bowing to the moneyed oil&gas barons who pump gobs of petrodollars into the political campaigns of right-wing Republican candidates. Also, how does Akron University's law school justify awarding a law degree to a person who apparently doesn't understand the Concept of Evidence. Reputable scientists worldwide are providing mounting proof (i.e., evidence) that greenhouse gases contribute substantially to global warming and its environmental consequences.

Anonymous said...

Schnitler is also a former FirstEnergy intern, aka utility whore.

Which utility is leading the fight to kill the solar project supported by AEP AND the energy efficiency standard also supported by AEP: Why that would be FirstEnergy, aka FirstEvil

Anonymous said...

First Energy is certainly not a greenie: